Am I thankful? No.

Not for the childhood fear, saturating my soul, dreams dripping with it decades later.

For the abandonment of family, wistfully neglecting me with their politics, guilting me because they love me unconditionally while I do not reciprocate. No.

For those that I opened my heart to, tender and weary, to have it reduced in a sherry gravy. Sweet, meaty, salty with regret. No.

Am I thankful for the constant loneliness, company kept only by my tears. No.

You want me to be thankful that the sun still rises each day? Do you know what I see in that sunrise? Another 24 hours of struggling to live, pretending to care about the emptiness of this life. I have no more purpose to assign.

I was thankful once, for someone that gave purpose to all the hurt in my life. And he left me. You do not get to say whether or not it is healthy, when your thanks are rooted in white supremacy.

Go, now, and be thankful elsewhere.


Hope is for fools

And why hope
When it is equal chance happiness
And hurt

It’s as if you purposefully poured
The boiling water on your hand
And called it tea

Why create a feast of hope
For those starving for sustenance
And tell them to be grateful

Why do we fool ourselves into hoping
To avoid despair
While inviting it in through the side door?

Why am I drunk on my foolishness
Hoping for a different outcome

Dylan, fresh

In broken voice

I whisper my truth

Tongue heavy with the weight

Words like pack mules

Carrying the burden of trauma

Excavating bits of dismembered heart

Exhuming old selves

The search for the arc of the covenant

Of my soul

Tears rolling down my cheek

Raindrops on windows

“I am trying, but there is no joy.”


“You are too sad. I cannot help you.”

Under the pressure of suffocating atmospheres

Beneath the depths of a crushing ocean

Dragged deeper still by gravity

I reach out

And you said no.

Night thoughts 

The darkness claws at my sides, I hide under a blanket of loneliness. Where is my wizard, my prince? I cast wards in ways of dreams, safe spaces to see you. Again. Still. My body aches from these mountains on my back. I am waning, waiting to wax. I am bloated, full of you. This night will not break, and the light is harsh. Where is my new moon?


You warmed the bladeBecause you didn’t want me to feel the cold 

You pressed the diamond-sharpened tip

Every so gently to my breast 

The pressure like a piercing caress

Because you didn’t want me to feel pain 

You told me that you loved me

But weren’t happy

To numb me to pain

You wept and the hilt hit bone

Because you knew you you betrayed me

And the only way for you to escape 

Was a magic eight ball and a coke

“share with daniel” on its label 

The room where I gave my heart 

To build your stage 


You are now the words I write

And I will with the same care you took

Breaking my heart


I miss you the most at nights 

When I remember the best things about you

Lowering my vain shield of anger 

I treat you like an enemy 

Though you’ve wronged me

You do not deserve the weight of my anguish

You are forever my lover, my babes 

No other shall don that monicker  

I will grow peace in heart

To hold space, to let you go

Before I raze this into oblivion 

 True to romanticism, and my heart – 
I’ll turn this pain into treasure 


I came in on a snapThe hero you wanted

The hero you needed 

I fought your demons with you 

Waiting for you to stand by me

And help me fight mine 

I became a hero

Because I needed saving 

It doesn’t work that way

I broke, and summoned dragons 

In my pain and rage 

Turned love from shield

To weapon

Now I am the villain