I miss you the most at nights 

When I remember the best things about you

Lowering my vain shield of anger 

I treat you like an enemy 

Though you’ve wronged me

You do not deserve the weight of my anguish

You are forever my lover, my babes 

No other shall don that monicker  

I will grow peace in heart

To hold space, to let you go

Before I raze this into oblivion 

 True to romanticism, and my heart – 
I’ll turn this pain into treasure 



I came in on a snapThe hero you wanted

The hero you needed 

I fought your demons with you 

Waiting for you to stand by me

And help me fight mine 

I became a hero

Because I needed saving 

It doesn’t work that way

I broke, and summoned dragons 

In my pain and rage 

Turned love from shield

To weapon

Now I am the villain


You can tell, you know By looking at their eyes 

How much they’ve loved 

How much they lost 

Are their eyes deep? 

Lost in thought, or memory?

And the smile 

Does it hesitate, or 

Does it shine?

If it hesitates they’re hurting

If it shines, well they’re healing 

You can tell when a smile is fake  
So next time you look at a picture 

Or see a person walk by

Listen to what their eyes and smiles say

Weighted words without sound 

Broken and free

My heart is strongerBecause you’re in it 

And I’ve shown anger 

Because I didn’t know how to love 

Without you loving me

I helped you heal

Maybe you know that

Maybe there’s still part of a happy memory 

Of me that won’t be lost to time 

I will start over, while you love again

It will take me longer, but I’m stronger 

Than you knew

Maybe you did, do

I step forward 

Only to crawl

As I rebuild my galaxy

Born of the supernova 

Of a broken heart
To you, Luis, who broke my heart and set it free. 

Dreaming awake 

And in the bewitched hourMorpheus scribbled upon his dreamscape 

The glimpses of a future 

Unclear, garbled 

As if written by a third grader

Learning cursive 

Uncertain if it’s a g or an f

Meanings change on interpretations

Based on bias and desire 

We craft the dreams we want to see 

And blame it on someone else 

They were but the stone

That propagated the waves 

A partial differentiation 

Amber glows in greyscape scenes

Dreams associate images 

Like semicolons join independent statements 

Increasingly unrelated 

Like alternating rhyming couplets 

Why is there a raven 

On a writing desk

While you stand upon the dunes 

Of a parched ocean

The echoes of long-extinct orcas glisten in the sands 

All this in the moment of a synaptic misfire 

Waking, begging for meaning

For prophecy, clarity 

When will we let dreams be dreams