Dreaming awake 

And in the bewitched hourMorpheus scribbled upon his dreamscape 

The glimpses of a future 

Unclear, garbled 

As if written by a third grader

Learning cursive 

Uncertain if it’s a g or an f

Meanings change on interpretations

Based on bias and desire 

We craft the dreams we want to see 

And blame it on someone else 

They were but the stone

That propagated the waves 

A partial differentiation 

Amber glows in greyscape scenes

Dreams associate images 

Like semicolons join independent statements 

Increasingly unrelated 

Like alternating rhyming couplets 

Why is there a raven 

On a writing desk

While you stand upon the dunes 

Of a parched ocean

The echoes of long-extinct orcas glisten in the sands 

All this in the moment of a synaptic misfire 

Waking, begging for meaning

For prophecy, clarity 

When will we let dreams be dreams


Forward, Unsteady

Unsteady How I met you

The way you danced 

I felt your struggle 

I fell in love

When you wrapped your arms around me


Our relationship

A delicious toxin 

Euphoric highs and hellish crashes 

I’m still in withdrawal 


I gave you all balance 

This back that carries mountains 

I held you whenever you asked

I helped you rebuild 


I teeter on unsure feet 

Anxious and unsure of their step

The back that once carried mountains 

Struggles to hold itself 

I gave all of myself 

Now I must rebuild 

Though I struggle 

I go forward 


Walking in shadows with clouds

Tattered clouds drape the skyClad in the grey 

Of pre-dawn 

Waiting for tomorrow to begin

Shadows of yesterday cling to the ground

In sweet smells and morning dew

Begging you to return 

Your eyes strain to see a way


The purgatory of twilight 

Unraveling in the mystery 

You thought you were solving 
“I love you,” he said. Words cling to you like wet clothes, chaffing away at your heart, the echo ringing in your ears. 
All the things once lost, found, and lost again, a dream you remember for a moment when waking, the spots in the periphery of vision. 
Where will the sun rise? The compass spins and spins, needle wobbling like your knees. 
Dawn? Dusk? Twilight blurs the way forward, time never moving, shadows dance at your feet, mocking their indecision. 
War is a toy, that plays with your heart. Munitions of love, friendly fire takes aim with prejudice. 
The clouds are tattered because you’ve pulled them from the sky, to collect your tears. The dawn never comes, because you do not move. 
You are the sun, and where you walk, flowers bloom, fed and thriving on your tears. 
When you take your first step, your tomorrow will begin. 

Passing through

As I observe the world around meYou walk through 

Unaware, uncaring 

Of your wake 

Broken hearts in a river of tears

I feel the waters wash over me

But they do not cleanse

I am stained 

Sticky with memories 

Laid bare before me

I keep observing the world around me

Bathing in the memories 

Drowning in experiences not my own 

I walked with you for a time 

Seeing all of you

Beautiful, wonderful, lovely you

And, for a moment, you observed me

Breaking all the rules of quantum mechanics 

You knew my speed and location

We were entangled 

We were measured 

I was meant to be lost in your foam 

Still you stride through the world

I know you see it a little now

And you hide from it 

Because you know you’ve been seen

I observe the world as I pass through 

Half life of grief 

It goes off, in the blink of an eyeLike the czar bomba

Circling my world seven times over

My tectonic plates shift 

My oceans crash into shores of being 

The light blinds us

What is it… rage, love, grief, pain?

The air expands from the heat


sucking the lifebreath from our chests

To collapse with the whole weight

Of every misdeed, misstep, missed opportunity 

Brings us to a singular focal point of fissible material 

Energetic, beautiful destruction 

Unleashed unceremoniously, with prejudice 

To the trigger 

The fallout clinging to my body like a cape 

Trailing regret

The wish for silence. Deafening silence. 

For what?

Meaning and worth

to someone who no longer sees your meaning and worth

Through mediums and lost translations 

Of begging to have the things back

That you never really had

Misplaced love

Tragic and true

The stuff of fairy tales 

But you’re the part that comes after the happily ever after 

After the passion of a week-long romance 

Fueled by deep longing

Longing to be understood, held, healed 

The disparity of broken hearts 

is that the heart that did the healing

Is the heart that gets broken 

While the other is tended and ready

To love another

While resenting you

You who sits

Waiting for your atomic bomb to go off

Wondering what will be destroyed next

Wondering if it can be harnessed 

Waiting for the half-life of grief to come


you live your lifein fear of death

hiding the age in your eyes

moisturizers and creams 

to fight the deadline 

you’ve imposed on yourself 

I envy you

who thinks they have too little time

while i am cursed with too much time

The unlikelihood that I will actually expire

waiting, always waiting for things to change

To end

To begin

To return 

I welcome age, and death, as friends 

I cherish their coming and going 

They have blessed me

With seeing in slow motion

While living in fast forward 

If I could give you my time

 – and I did –

And if you could have slowed me down

 – and you did –

I would have lived in each moment

A happily ever then