I try to write words that adequately describe how I feel about you.

How I feel about you.

Maybe the issue is I don’t yet speak the languages of flowers and stars, to understand how I feel about you.

Feelings that span dimensions and healthy boundaries, choked into a heart bursting with feelings without names.

There is a constellation that knows how I feel about you, somewhere between Libra and Aquarius.

To find balance between breath is to speak, and we did not.

Not in languages we spoke fluently.

I still feel the whispers of your hands holding mine, when we tried to speak to each other. I could hear what you were feeling when I watched you dance. I felt what you were saying with each song you dedicated.

So much lost in translation. Hello stranger. We’ve got the power. Stand by me.

I thought it meant you were in love. I think you meant you were afraid of love and were trying to warn me.

Maybe we don’t know our own tongues yet. We tried when we kissed.

I will always look for the words that reach across the stars and reach you.

I can say, maybe you will understand, you were the first time my smile reached my eyes, and to my soul.

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