I saw your memory so clearly 

Sleeping in my bed, waiting for me

I remembered the smile of excitement 

To sleep next to me

I remember unfulfilled promises

To always support me

Amidst all the hurts and fears 

I only remember how you lifted me up

And how I dragged you down

We pushed each other away

Like the same sides of a magnet 

When will the fever dreams end 

The mid-night waking in tears 

Looking for your embrace 

Of all the regrets

Hurting you is the greatest 

For it as sealed me away 

Unable to see you, hold you

You were my partner in everything 

I relied too heavily on your emotional strength 

You didn’t have the words to tell me

So I clung, static to your being 

In self inflicted agony

I am without you,

My soulmate 

My partner


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