Inner demons

There is a demon dwelling in my soul
No matter the rituals I perform
It resists exorcism

So woven into my being
I can feel it crawl under my skin
Radiating heat like sunburn

It goes by many names
Anxiety, depression, bipolar, PTSD
Its powers vast, and unfathomable

Sometimes, it is quiet
The gentle rumbles of snoring
Echoed in my nervous glances

Awake, a flushed face
Concern people I don’t know
Are judging me

Enraged, a ferocious beast
Barely tamable
Wreaks havoc on me and mine

It has brought ruin to relationships
It has ended employment
It struggles to end my life

And so I breathe, knowing demon lives within
I turn to it, hand extended
This may be the only way

To walk as friends


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